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Beef Roasting Joint

Family Pack Chicken Fillets 850g
SuperValu Salad Potatoes, 750g Florette Crispy Salad, 200g Lyngrove Sauvignon Blanc, 75cl
Offer valid until 16/04/15
  • Fish Week, 26 March to 3 April. Even More Freshly Caught Offers Instore
  • Hellmans Squeezy Mayonnaise Chilli, Garlic, 250ml£2.20
  • SuperValu Dips (All Varieties Excluding Guacamole), 170g-210g£1.15 Each, 170g
  • Discover The Taste Ultimate Steak Burger, 284g£3.50 Each, 284g
  • Walkers Deli Crisps (All Varieties), 150g£2.65
    150g, All Varieties
  • Cadburys Marvellous Ice Creams (All Varieties), 500ml£3.19 £3.99
    500ml All Varieties
  • Bottlegreen (All Varieties), 500ml£3.75
    500ml, All Varieties
  • Cardini Dressing Caesar, Pizza Express Dressing House Light, 250ml, 235ml, Heinz Top Down Tomato Ketchup, HP BBQ Sauce Woodsmoke, 460g, 465g£2, £2.33, £2.16, £2.20, 250ml, 235ml, 460g, 465g
Offer valid until 16/04/15