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Beef Roasting Joint

Beef Roasting Joint -  Now £5/kg, Was £12.29/kg
SuperValu King Edwards Potatoes, 2.5kg Babycorn, Mangetout, Sugarsnap Peas, 150g-200g Casillero Del Diablo, 75cl
Offer valid until 15/04/15
  • Easter 3 - 6 April
  • Have a Happy Easter
  • Country Miller Hot Cross Buns, Discover the Taste Luxury Hot Cross Buns, 6 Pack, 4 Pack£1.50, £1.75 Each
    6 Pack, 4 Pack
  • Cadbury Mini Egg Easter Nests, Easter Mini Egg Cakes, 5 Pack, 6 Pack5 Pack, 6 Pack
  • Cadbury Mini Eggs (All Varieties), 89g, 90g89g, 90g All Varieties
  • Cadbury Creme Egg, Caramel Egg, 40g, 41g58p, 54p Each
    40g, 41g
  • Thorntons Miss Flutterby Egg, 149g, Football Egg, 150g£3 Each
    149g, 150g
  • Cadbury Medium Flake Egg, 153g Medium Dairy Milk Button Egg, 162g153g, 162g
Offer valid until 15/04/15
  • Fish Week, 26 March to 3 April. Even More Freshly Caught Offers Instore
  • Fish Week Fresh Fish
  • SuperValu Smoked Salmon, 300g,£6.75, £13.50, 300g
  • SuperValu Salmon Fillets, 240g£5.50, 240g
  • The Saucy Fish Company Fish Cakes (All Varieties), 270g
  • The Saucy Fish Company Fish Cakes (All Varieties), 270g£3 Each, 270g, All Varieties
  • Samphire14g, Samphire
  • Flagstone Noon Gun, 75cl£8.69
Offer valid until 15/04/15