Fresh seasonal food

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  • Strawberries

    In season May to September

    British strawberries are sweet and juicy. We deliver them from field to store within 24 hours for maximum freshness and flavour. For an alternative try sliced with a splash of balsamic vinegar.

    Why not try our ‘Strawberry Tarts with Crème Patissière and Fresh Mint’ recipe

  • Broad Beans

    In season May to July

    Our British broad beans are sweet with a smooth and creamy texture. Rich in potassium and high in protein these tasty beans are delicious puréed and served with mint. Boil for a couple of minutes then pod them by squeezing their skins.

  • Cherries

    Cherries are much loved for their succulent texture, flavour and gorgeous good looks.

  • Damsons

    Our damsons will tickle your tastebuds this season with their sweet, ripe, fresh flavour. Try them in a homemade jam that’s bound to go down a treat or create a delicious pudding by popping a crumble topping over sugar sweetened fruit.

  • Green and yellow courgettes

    Yellow courgettes can add vibrancy and colour to your summer vegetable dishes. Treat them the same as you would green courgettes and why not add to pasta dishes for a quick and healthy midweek dinner?

  • Blueberries

    Our British blueberries are from Simon and Sarah Keily, based in Exmoor. These are the only blueberries grown in the region. They produce around 2 tonnes in a 7 week season.

  • Little Gem Lettuce

    Our Little Gem lettuces come from Chichester coastal plains and are specially selected for their sweet crunch.

  • Raspberries

    We recommend our sweetest raspberries are served with indulgent double cream, or used to make a summer pudding.

  • Runner Beans

    We have only the most tender, succulent Runner Beans, bursting with flavour.

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  • Autumn

Seasonal products may not be available at all stores