Chinese New Year Recipes - Vegetarian Tofu Recipes


  • 1 bunch spring onions, finely sliced
  • 2 garlic cloves, finely grated or crushed
  • 1 red chilli, seeded and finely chopped
  • 1 pepper, seeded and finely sliced
  • 120g green beans, halved
  • 120g sugar snap peas
  • 120g Blue Dragon sweet chilli and garlic stir fry sauce
  • 150g firm tofu, sliced
  • 2 tbsp cornflour
  • ½ tsp chilli powder or smoked paprika
  • Pinch of Sea Salt
  • Freshly ground black pepper


Calories columnFat columnSaturates columnSugars columnSalt column
303 per serving
15% %GDA
8g per serving
11% %GDA
1g per serving
5% %GDA
27g per serving
30% %GDA
1.30g per serving
21% %GDA


  1. Heat a frying pan or wok until hot. Add the oil and spring onions and peppers and stir fry for 1 minute.

  2. Add the garlic, chilli and ginger and stir fry for another 30 seconds.

  3. Add the green beans and 50ml water and steam for 2-3 minutes until nearly tender. Add the sugar snap peas and cook for 1 minute then add the sauce and simmer for 2 minutes.

  4. Set aside while you fry the tofu. Pat the tofu dry with kitchen roll if wet.

  5. Tip the cornflour, chilli powder, salt and black pepper onto a bowl and mix to combine. Season with black pepper then press the tofu slices into it, turning so each side is coated.

  6. Heat a frying pan until hot. Add the rest of the oil and fry the slices on each side for 1-2 minutes until golden and crispy.

  7. Divide the vegetables between serving plates and top with the crispy tofu.